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Science, Property & Finance are widely recognised as the three major fundamentals traditionally in generating wealth. It have been impacting everyone’s living, covering the talk about topic, wealth generation and in macro bringing up the economy and the nation of the country, Nevertheless, there have been a lot of cross bordering among these three areas especially nowadays, Science (IT) incorporating in Finance is called Fintech, Science (IT) in property is named as Smart Building and so forth.


Seminar on Science, Property & Finance and their cross border wealth 2017 科技, 房产与金融研讨会

2017年12月9曰, 我们作了个科技, 房产与金融的研讨会,

– 3个最传统有效的方式去创造财富,即科学,房产与金融。
– 了解新的财富时代! 科学,房产与金融将会加强相互交织,成为跨境财富! 科技交识融资等典型案例称为金融科技,科技交识房产称为智能建筑等。

Exhibition at Career fair of Magic Academy Symposium 2017 MAGIC学院研讨会招聘会上的展览

2017年10月7日,我们参加了 MAGIC 学院研讨会的招聘会。该活动在马来西亚Cyberjaya的马来西亚全球创新与创意中心(www.mymagic.my)举行。


这是一个值得注意的事件,来自Uber EATS,Astro,Crowdo和其他人的参与。我们的董事William Tong先生和他的队友Roselin女士和Thulasi女士也协助了这职业展。

On 7th October 2017, we have exhibited at the Career fair of Magic Academy Symposium. The event was held in Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre at Cyberjaya, Malaysia(www.mymagic.my)


It was a notable event with participation from UBER EATS, Astro, Crowdo and many others. Our Director Mr. William Tong and his teammates, Ms. Roselin and Ms. Thulasi were assisting at the Career fair.